Eastman House's history dates back to 1866 in a three-story brick building on Washington Street in Burlington, IA.

Chittenden and Eastman Company's original mattress brand was called "Square Brand" and Square Brand Mattresses were manufactured from 1890 to the early 1970s.

Chittenden and Eastman Company issued a catalog each year. The catalog was approximately 10 inches by 14 inches and it contained 700 pages of the finest furniture and mattresses manufactured in the world. Over 100 catalogs were released, and they are currently enshrined at the Burlington Public Library in Burlington, IA, where they are considered invaluable pieces of the city's history.

In 1953, Eastman House, known for it's industry-changing innovations, invented the coil-on-coil, 25-slat boxspring. In 1984, Eastman House trademarked "America's Best Mattress Warranty". In 2008, bedding veteran and Eclipse licensor Stuart Carlitz, acquired Eastman House from a private equity firm. Carlitz is committed to building the highest-quality ultra-premium mattresses in the world under the Eastman House brand.

The Chittenden & Eastman Company has been handcrafting America's finest sleep products since 1866. No mattress in the world rivals the comfort, support and durability found in our flagship Eastman House line. Chittenden & Eastman sleep products maintain their superior comfort and support features night after night, week after week, and year after year. That's why Chittenden & Eastman proudly offers America's Best Mattress Warranty!

History of Chittenden & Eastman Company

Based in Burlington, Iowa, Chittenden & Eastman Company is a leading U.S. mattress manufacturer. The company's products are marketed under the name of its Eastman House division and include: Chittenden & Eastman's Individually Encased Coil Innerspring mattresses; Chiropractor's Care Sleep System mattresses, which promote better spinal alignment through more equalized weight distribution; and the Renaissance Latex Foam Collection.

Chittenden & Eastman prides itself on being one of the world's oldest continuously owned furniture companies. Indeed, the company dates back to 1866, when Andrew Johnson was president of the United States and the nation had scarcely entered the Reconstruction period following the Civil War. That year, a writer and politician named G.M. Todd and a dentist named H. Bailey formed H. Bailey & Co. Located in a three-story brick building on Burlington's Washington Street, complete with a 20-foot storefront, the new company was devoted to furniture jobbing and retailing.

Prior to adopting the name Chittenden & Eastman, a number of ownership changes occurred. When Bailey went back to his dentistry practice, H. Bailey & Co. was re-named G.M. Todd & Co. Another name change happened in 1873, when the company assumed the name of Todd, Pollock & Granger. At this time the company erected the first part of a facility on Third Street, which it would continually expand to accommodate growth. Two years later, a traveling salesman named Henry W. Chittenden, a native of Keokuk, Iowa, joined the enterprise. Upon Todd's retirement in 1877, Chittenden became a partner in the business, which was renamed Pollock, Granger & Chittenden.


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