Adjustable Beds

We carry a full compliment of Adjustable Beds. From the very basic head only, to a full featured unit with all the bells and whistles. Head and Foot, Wallhugger, Programable Wireless Remote and Massage. An adjustable bed for every budget. Stop by today at our showroom, located on Sunrise Highway, in Massapequa Park. We will demonstrate all of the latest features and help you choose what's best for you. We also will help you choose the correct mattress.

What is a Latex Mattress?

The latex mattress, being a natural rubber product, are the result of a long line of innovations in rubber technology. Natural latex rubber, utilized by indigenous people of South America for centuries, was not apt for industrialized usage until Charles Goodyear discovered in 1829 that, when vulcanized with sulfur, the previously unstable sticky substance became stable, durable, and very elastic. This discovery of vulcanization opened the door for the natural latex rubber industry and the latex mattress.

What's All The Fuss About Memory Foam Mattresses

Visco foam is not a “soft” mattress. It molds and contours to your body, spreading your weight over your entire sleeping surface. When you turn, the foam gradually moves back to its original position. The contouring effect spreads your body weight over more of the sleeping surface and minimizes “pressure points”, thereby creating a more comfortable night’s sleep. 

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